All about Winstrol

Do you have a dog in your home? Having the fat dog is good. If you want to add the weight of your dog, it is better to choose Winstrol as your choice. Well, this is the steroid that is used for adding the weight of the dog. Besides adding the weight, the strength and the appetites of the dog can be increased. However, the interesting news, you can use this steroid for yourself. Well, this is good for you because it can give some benefits for you. Some athletics commonly use it as their choice because the facts, it has a good function. The result of this product is amazing. You will lose your fat and the side effects of it are low.

What is Winstrol?

There are two types you can choose. Firstly, you can choose the oral type. Then, the second one is you can get it in injectable serum. It is better to choose the oral one because it will not have the potential in losing. Besides, it is more flexible.

Knowing the dosage of the Winstrol

Like the other products, Winstrol has the variation products. It depends on the unique tolerance. The fact, women are more sensitive with steroid so if you are a woman that will consume it, it is better to consume in the low dosage.

For men, commonly, they take this Winstrol for about 50 pills for the first six months. The dosage can be increased for some days. For example, after the six first months, you can add the dosage into 50 mg in a day. It is divided into two parts each 25 mg.

Then, for women, their bodies don’t need many steroids. For that, the dosage is different with the men. Steroid can cause the irreversible for women. If it compares with the others steroids, Winstrol is better for increasing the women performance. Women can take 10 mg in one day.

The side effects of the Winstrol

There are the different side effects that come to people. Commonly, the side effects are affected by the dosage and the length of the cycle.

Although Winstrol has the good benefits, there are some side effects you can get from using it, those are:

  • Some of them will get the problem sleeping difficulty. Even, there are some people that are staying asleep. So, among one person with the others are different.
  • Then, another side effect is getting the headache.
  • People also will get the changing in libido.
  • Some people also will get acne and oily skin.

Then, the side effects that come to women are:

  • The voice changes into hoarseness or deepening.
  • Your hair will lose
  • There is the facial face
  • There is the clitoral enlargement.
  • Getting the irregular menstruation

These are some effects for women. If there is one of them appear, please stop in consuming the Winston because it can be permanent. Do it as soon as possible so that it can be solved quickly.