A bodybuilder is an individual with one main goal in mind, to achieve a muscular and shredded physique. To achieve this, heavy weight lifting and proper nutrition are vital, many bodybuilders also resort to using Anabolic Steroids and other substances to achieve their goals. Some bodybuilders do it as a hobby, to better themselves or to compete on stage with other bodybuilders.

Competitive bodybuilders are judged by a panel of judges on different aspects of their physique, such as their muscle mass, muscle symmetry and their body fat percentage. Most bodybuilders follow bulking and cutting seasons leading up to a competition. They will bulk up by consuming extra calories till they reach their goal weight, once this has been achieved they will start their cutting phase which consists of a calorie deficit diet, cardio and weight training. As the competition time approaches, the competition bodybuilder will also have to drop their water levels in order to bring in their best physique possible.

Bodybuilding and Steroids:

While many bodybuilders don’t use Steroids, there are probably more that do than don’t. Many people view Anabolic Steroid use as an easy way to get bigger, there is some truth to this, however bodybuilders who use Steroids, train harder, eat more and push themselves to the limit on a daily basis in order to grow bigger, simply taking Steroids without training harder and eating more won’t achieve great results.

A natural bodybuilder for example can lift weights for around an hour without over training, while a bodybuilder on steroids could lift twice as long as this without over training. So while Steroids do allow them to grow faster, they still have to train even harder to allow for this muscle growth.

What do bodybuilders eat:

To grow you need to consume more calories than what your body burns throughout the day. Most bodybuilders eat between 500 and 2000 extra calories a day, depending on what their current goals are and whether they are using Steroids or not.

Bodybuilders eat a lot of meat to reach their protein requirements. These meats include chicken breasts, fish such as tune, lean pork and red meat. A portion of meat is usually combined with a carbohydrate source such as brown rice, potatoes, rye bread or pasta. Consuming healthy fats is also extremely important, this is achieved from olive oil, nuts and flaxseed oil to name a few.

Bodybuilding Supplements:

There are literally hundreds of different supplements for sale at your local supplement store. Most serious bodybuilders ignore all the fancy new supplements and stick to the basics that are known to deliver results such as Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Creatine, Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (bcass’s).