3Methandrostenolone, commercially known as Dianabol or Anabol was produced in the sixties by a pharmaceutical company known as Ciba. Originally available in 5mg and 10mg tablets, Dianabol started being used by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world and soon became the number 1 used Steroid around. Ciba pharmaceuticals is no longer around and thus it is impossible to obtain original Dianabol produced by this company. Most Dianabol available today are produced by underground labs and usually come in capsule form at doses of 25 and 50mg. Some underground labs have also started producing an injectable version of Dianabol which is said to be more effective when compared to the same dosage orally, as well as less harsh on the liver.


Dianabol Cycle:

This oral Steroid is usually taken with an injectable Anabolic Steroid such as Testosterone Enanthate/Cypionate, however many new users cycle Dianabol alone to avoid having to inject themselves.

Dianabol is known for its ability to add muscle mass and strength fast, for this reason it is typically used in bulking cycles at a dosage of 20 to 30mg for beginners and as high as 60mg for advanced users. Gains of 15 to 20kgs from a cycle of Dianabol and Testosterone are quite common for new users, who have good genetics and follow a proper training routine and bulking diet. While many people believe by just using Steroids and not putting the work in you will get huge overnight, this is not true. Without proper training and eating you will not see good results no matter what steroids are being used.

The reason for Dianabol being used alongside an injectable such as Testosterone Cypionate is to speed up the results in the beginning of the cycle. Testosterone Cypionate for example can take 3 to 4 weeks to start working, while Dianabol starts working within the first week.

A typical Dianabol and Testosterone Cypionate cycle including PCT for beginners:

Dianabol Testosterone Cypionate Clomid (PCT)
Week 1 25mg/day 400mg/week
Week 2 25mg/day 400mg/week
Week 3 25mg/day 400mg/week
Week 4 25mg/day 400mg/week
Week 5 400mg/week
Week 6 400mg/week
Week 7 400mg/week
Week 8 400mg/week
Week 9 400mg/week
Week 10 400mg/week
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13 100mg/day
Week 14 50mg/day
Week 15 50mg/day


Always keep an Estrogen Blocker such as Nolvadex on hand when doing a cycle. The above cycle is for educational purposes only and should not be taken seriously or used by anyone.


Dianabol Side Effects:

Dianabol although being the most popular Steroid for beginners and advanced users alike, is still a Steroid and can have harsh side effects on the human body. While many side effects are dosage related and while some users get side effects and others may not, we will go over all the possible side effects related to using this Steroid.

  • Acne
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hair Loss (Male Pattern Baldness)
  • Liver Damage
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water Retention

Although other side effects can also occur, we have listed the more common ones. As mentioned side effects are usually dosage related, however some sensitive users may still experience all side effects even at low dosages. Dianabol has a modified chemical structure allowing it to bypass the liver without being completely destroyed, this causes Dianabol to put strain on the liver and prolonged use of this Steroid can thus lead to liver Damage. This is why its recommended to use Dianabol for 4 to 6 weeks and no longer.


How to obtain Dianabol?

This Anabolic Steroid is extremely easy to get hold of. You can buy Dianabol online or from a dealer at your gym. If you choose to buy Dianabol online, be diligent and do your research into what you are buying, make sure the brand is a respected on and the price you are paying is on par with other places selling Dianabol. Before going ahead and purchasing this Steroid, you need to decide on what cycle you are going to do. If you plan on using Dianabol at 30mg a day, you can’t go buy 25mg capsules as there is no way to get your 30mg dosage. Dianabol also needs to be taken in split doses through the day, atleast 2 split doses. In this case you would need to find a source selling Dianabol in 10mg dosages which you could split into 3 doses throughout the day.